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Unfortunately for many of you with point and shoot cameras – this will be pretty much your only option for using a polarizing filter as many have no way of attaching them to your camera.

My LCW Fader ND Mark II is great. There have been a lot of tests done with those. There is no color change when increasing the density like when you use two polarizing filters. I white balance with the filter on the camera at the correct exposure. It works great. The LCW Fader ND is worth the money.

How to Use and Buy Polarizing Filters

  • Circular Polarizer Filter
  • 72mm

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In photographic practice, there often occurs a situation in which we’d like to take a picture through a pane of glass, eliminate reflections from some surfaces or raise the contrast of clouds by darkening the sky. These effects are impossible, or difficult to obtain in post-processing. Polarizing filters come to the aid of this, making them all possible.

The Seven5 System features its own circular polarising filter. The uniqueclip-on design means it can be snapped onto the front of the holderand rotated independently of any graduated filters also in use.