Quick-Shift focus system on the Pentax zoom lenses

SMC Pentax-F 100-300mm F4.5-5.6 Telephoto Zoom Lens


Quick-Shift focus system on the Pentax zoom lenses

Purists may argue that the best Pentax camera lenses are prime lenses. However, there is an increasing number of Pentax zoom lenses that are ready and able to challenge that assertion. Sharpness, distortion control and build quality are just some of the advantages you can expect if you buy one of these zooms, but in the all important category of image quality, the difference between zoom lenses and prime lenses is narrowing. The lenses above are a great example of why this is true, and of .

Nikon have a 55-200mm lens, while , but Pentax trump both of them with this extremely useful 55-300mm lens. This flexible zoom range allows you to shoot in any number of situations, and it still manages a respectable f5.8 aperture at its longest focal length. Pentax users love the quick focus ring that lets you to manually fine tune your focus while the shutter is pressed half way and already autofocussing. It is relatively compact, capable of producing sharp, colorful pictures, and costs less than $350. For features and value alone, it is rightfully one of the best Pentax zoom lenses.

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Pentax zoom lenses
Ilse Jurriën : May 20th 2009 - 16:00 CET

Pentax Lenses: Digital Photography Review

The 18-55mm Pentax kit lens is often hailed as one of the best kit lenses from any manufacturer. This one takes all the features from the latest 18-55mm, and adds a water resistant seal. With a handy 3x zoom, this lens has been made to handle damp shooting conditions with no loss of image quality. If paired with , you instantly have a great all weather setup. It is lightweight, well made, and can be yours for only $149. This makes it one of the best value Pentax zoom lenses available.

A lightweight, inexpensive medium zoom lens with decent build quality. This has a respectable f/4 constant aperture, which makes it suitable for use in most lighting situations and will give good bokeh for portraits at the longer end of the zoom range.