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Prime lenses often give really good value for money, especially at the lower end of the price range. Most manufacturers have inexpensive prime lenses in their range that give superb image quality, much better than you would get from a zoom lens costing the same.

Pentax prime lenses have a fabulous reputation but especially their "Limited" series is more on the pricey side of life. There was e.g. no entry level 50mm lens which serves often as an entry path to the world of primes for interested beginners. Obviously Pentax also recognized this 'missing link' by introducing the Pentax SMC-DA 35mm f/2.4 AL. The max. aperture of f/2.4 is a bit unusual but in terms of field of view it resembles a classic 52mm standard lens. This is a similar approach like Sony's 35mm f/1.8 SAM DT for instance.

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As part of my new ethos to make something cool everyday, I held up an old 50mm Pentax prime lens up to my point and shoot Canon SD780 IS. Though the result isn't very good the roving vignette is kind of fun.