Pentax lenses for digital SLR cameras

Pentax D FA 24-70mm F2.8ED SDM WR Lens (Black)


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Apart from a set of newly launched and existing Pentax lenses (the K-1 I tested came with the Pentax D FA 24–70mm f/2.8ED SDM WR and the SMC FA31mm f/1.8 Limited), many older Pentaxians will also find the backward compatibility of the mount a very attractive proposition indeed. Any of the 200 odd film-era K-mount lenses, and older M42 mount lenses with adapters, including third party lenses, can be used on the K-1, which allows metering and focus confirmation, at the least, and auto exposure and AF with newer mount versions. This is also pertinent to mention because some of the older Pentax lenses are specialised, with superb optics. And with a bit of hunting around, many of them can still be found in India at low prices. Of course, mount adaptations with non-Pentax lenses need to be researched, to avoid damaging the K-1. Among current lens lineups, Samyang, Sigma and Tamron also have lenses that are compatible. Here’s a look at other features that sets the K-1 apart.

For very little money you can try out a focal length in a manual focus Pentax lens - and when you have a good feeling for what suits you can buy the latest gear.

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Want to know more about PENTAX lenses and how to choose the correct one ? Watch our video with professional photographer Kerrick James eplaining that there is a lens for every photographer by .

* Sony Alphas can use Pentax lenses with an adapter, but to retain ability to focus at infinity, adapter has to have optical (glass) element, that can seriously degrade image quality.