Pentax DA Limited Lens Case for sale.

Pentax SMC DA 60-250mm f/4 ED IF SDM Telephoto Zoom Lens w/ Case for Pentax Digital SLR Cameras


Pentax S80-120 Soft Lens Case for DA 50-200mm Lens

Hey, anyone know if that Pentax DA Limited Lens Case can still be found out there anywhere? Nothing at Adorama, B&H says out of stock, Pentax Imaging doesn't show it in the accessories section, and even E*** doesn't have anything listed.

This is what I am using to carry either the prime collection, or a 2-3 zoom kit (modest size zooms, those soup can size Sigmas can get tough in this bag). This little fellow is actually a small camcorder case- built very well, quite light, quite small, and only $30. But it has a movable/removable divider that I set in the middle of the length, then using a folded up paper towel as a buffer, I can easily stack two DA Limited lenses on top of each other (40mm with that tiny lens hood always on top, just for in-the-bag stability) on each side of the divider, carrying 4 lenses in the case. And with one on the camera, I can bring 5 small primes with me. For the zooms, it's a snug fit but I can get my fat Sigma 18-50mm F/2.8 in the case along with my Pentax 55-300mm. Fitting the 18-50 and my Sigma 10-20mm won't work- the lenses are too wide and there's not enough room. Anyway, this is a good solution, I carried is across my body (right shoulder-to-left side) for the full week we were in Scotland last September (packed in my carry-on suitcase with the K-5 wrapped up in clothing) and I've been using it quite a bit ever since, pretty much my primary bag for day excursions while the camera always hangs from my left shoulder-to-right side. Spare battery and a couple cards in the two end pockets, and some other small stuff in the front face pocket. I guess I'll pass on the romantic notion of the Pentax DA Limited lens case and stick with what I'm using- it works.

Pentax DA 560mm F/5.6 ED HD AW Super Telephoto Lens - U.S.A

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The Pentax DA limited Lens Carrying Case II is a molded nylon case that has been designed to be the ideal way to store and carry your DA Limited lenses.