I just tried out attaching my 105mm Pentax 67 lens to the 645D body.

Pentax 67mm O-LC67 Lens Cap 31521


Pentax 67mm Lens Hood PH-RBM 38763

I was surprised to read comments about Pentax 67 lenses being soft. Then I read the last comment in the thread by Walter Bibikow. Walter is absolutely correct in his assessment of the Arca B1 head... though he seems to attribute the lack of camera shake to the Really Right Stuff plate. The plate has nothing to do with it! The Arca plates (or any other aftermarket plate for that matter) will give the same exact result. The shake was eliminated by the best tripod head in the industry...the Arca B1. I personally tested them all with a 560 Leica lens w/2X APO converter and the Arca was the ONLY head that revealed the seam on top of plastic push pins 125 feet away! Arca is the ticket!

2. The "wide open quality" of Pentax 67 lenses is proven by the consistent and loyal following of many professional NYC model photographers. (There is quite a cult following in the big apple for this camera! Has been for years. They are doing the job and making the money.)

Pentax 67 Lens to Pentax 35mm K-Mount Body Adapter 37954 B&H

Pentax 67 Lens Chronology
Super Takumar

Earliest lens. Single-coated*.
*Some rare transitional lenses were multi-coated.

Super-Multi-Coated Takumar Middle-generation lens. Multi-coated
smc Takumar
smc Pentax
Latest generation lens (often optically recomputed). Multi-coated.
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With a simple Pentax adaptor any Pentax 67 lens can be used on the ..

Recently I have had the opportunity to test a bunch of 67 lenses. The 45mm, the 200mm and the 400EDIF. The 45mm is a very good lens, and is fairly sharp wide open. Much better at 5.6 and great at f8-f16. The 200mm is sharp wide open and gets better and better, a fine lens. The 400 is tack sharp wide open and stays that way thru f11. All in a a good crop of tests. However, I also tested a second 45mm and it was not so hot. Pentax 67 lenses vary from sample to sample. WARNING: test all lenses including new ones, and obtain a return privledge.

The variety of existing and new lenses for this system is extensive. There are 21 different SMC Pentax 67 lenses ranging from a fisheye 35mm f/4.5 to a 1000mm f/8 reflex telephoto plus 1.4x and 2x tele-converters. Available lenses include: SMC67 35mm f/4.5; 45mm f/4; 55mm f/4; 75mm f/4.5; 90mm f/2.8 or 105mm f/2.4 (normal); 165mm f/2.8; 165mm f/4 leaf shutter; 200mm f/4; 300mm f/4; 400mm f/4 ED (IF); 500mm f/5.6; 600mm f/4; 800mm f/4; 800mm f/6.7 ED (IF); 55-100mm f/4.5 zoom. Four special purpose SMC Pentax 67 lenses are the 75mm f/4.5 shift; 100mm f/4 macro; 135mm f/4 macro; and 120mm f/3.5 soft focus.