Olympus Zuiko lens first introduced in Semi-Olympus I camera

Olympus M. 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 R Zoom Lens (Black) for Olympus and Panasonic Micro 4/3 Cameras


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The lens is just a bit more expensive than the Olympus portrait lens (although the prices for both lenses fluctuate) but it offers image stabilization, making it a better choice for those who own Panasonic cameras without built-in stabilization. With an 85mm-equivalent focal length, this lens offers a similar field of view as our top portrait pick and is comparable in size, weight, and build quality. Reviewers find little to separate it from the Olympus in terms of sharpness and image quality as well. gave the Panasonic a “Lens of Distinction” honor in their 2015 roundup of best prime lenses.

The 90mm-equivalent focal length of the Olympus portrait lens lets you fill the frame with your subject while a wide aperture nicely blurs the background.

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At any one time, Olympus seems to make one body similar in capabilityto midrange Canon and Nikon bodies and a bewildering array of lightinexpensive bodies with performance similar to the very cheapestbodies from Canon or Nikon. All Olympus bodies are compatible withOlympus Digital lenses and Four Thirds System lenses from Sigma andPanasonic/Leica. The , () allows limited useof old Olympus OM-system film format lenses in mostly manual mode.

AF does not always work well when the lens is mated to the GX8 body, a bit of a disappointment. The focus is not fast nor accurate with this lens and the Panasonic GX8. Nor is it fulfilling. The Olympus lens is about ($) overvalued for a serious lens. One can buy a 400mm lens for the same price. I was never able to achieve spot on focus in 4k picture mode. The old story holds--buy a prime lens that is native to your camera body, err--Panasonic lens to Panasonic body. Not doing so. Secondly, use fill flash or forever hold your peace, Not doing so will leave your photos far from vibrant. Learn from my mistakes. After spending so much on this lens, I cannot afford to give up on it.