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A final observation on Kodak lens cleaner.

I just found a box of lint-free cloths with some of my computer parts used to clean the old CRT type of monitor. Before throwing them away I was wondering if they would be acceptable for cleaning a camera lens. It states on the package that they are made from a polyester blend. They look like the old Kodak lens cleaning paper, only a little thicker.

I used to use Kodak lens cleaner and Kodak lens cleaning tissue but I don't think I've bought either in 30 years. I just blow dust off and breath on the lens, then polish with a clean white cotton T shirt if necessary. Not to get into the protection-filter argument, but I'm usually just cleaning the filter -- I keep a high quality UV/skylight/clear filter on every lens all the time unless using another filter. So my lenses themselves are rarely exposed to dust or dirt.

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    Compliance Categories : Artifact Compliance Data. ... Film/Paper/Chemicals/Consumables: Official Product Name: KODAK Lens Cleaner: Product Nickname(s): Product Type:

    Breathe on the lens surface or use a drop of cleaner such as KODAK Lens Cleaner. Then with paper such as KODAK Lens Cleaning Paper or a soft, clean, lintless cloth, gently wipe the front and rear surfaces of the lens.