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Fujifilm WCL-X100 Wide Conversion Lens (Silver)


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Specifically designed to seamlessly unite with the design of the FUJIFILM X100S lens without impacting on its exceptional performance, the Wide Conversion Lens* expands the angle of view from the original 35mm** to 28mm**. Landscapes become more dynamic and the depth of wide macro shots will amaze you. The X100S camera's very light weight of 140g and compact design let you explore a wider range of expression without sacrificing portability.

Equivalent to 3 f-stops, the ND filter in the FUJIFILM X100S lens reduces the amount of light to 1/8. In situations where the light is very strong but you want to shoot at a slow shutter speed or don't want to close the aperture, the built-in ND filter captures the flow of water, flowers swaying in the breeze in bright sunlight or professional portraits with a beautiful defocused background.

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