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Compatible with all FUJIFILM X Mount lenses, the FUJIFILM X-A1 is particularly suited to the two FUJINON XC lenses that have been recently announced. Compact and lightweight, the XC lenses have been designed to be paired with our entry and mid-range compact system cameras and cover a wide range of focal lengths.

Nitpicking, but none of the Fujifilm X lenses have a mechanical coupling between the aperture/focus rings and the actual aperture/focus mechanisms. They are fly-by-wire. But anyway they do still cost in material, manufacturing complexity, and final price.

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As part of the Fujifilm X series, the X-A1 is compatible with all Fujifilm X Mount lenses, especially with the two recently announced Fujinon XC lenses: the XC16-50mm and the XC50-230mm The camera will come in three color options of black, blue, and red while the XC lenses come in only black and silver.

Fujifilm X Lenses are designed and built as the perfect complement to the . These mirrorless cameras from Fuji offer a shorter back focus than other brands, and this is the defining feature of the design of Fuji X Mount lenses.