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Fujinon XF35mmF2 R WR - Black


Fujifilm Lenses Get Updates; Stellar and Solar cameras; October 2013

Fujifilm lenses tend to be a bit pricier than most others–but at the same time they’re arguably better than their closest competitors in any situation. Each lens of theirs features a working aperture ring, a super close focusing mode that can be activated through the camera, and excellent build quality with many of the lenses being made of metal instead of plastic. Then there are the optics–which are typically solid. But if Fujifilm has any big strength in the photo industry, it’s that they have the best APS-C sensors in their cameras.

Over the years, we’ve been working on reviewing various lenses and we’ve had time to try lots of what Fujifilm and third parties offer. So despite this list not featuring lenses that are anywhere as cheap as other camera systems, here are the most bang for your buck Fujifilm lenses.


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    Also having the luxury of more time and a bigger working space is that I got to use my different Fujifilm prime lenses. And let’s not forget that with each different portrait sitting you have to come up with a variety of posed shots, I tend to shoot a full length sitting down shot, a ¾ length standing up shot and then a selection of close-up headshots. The lenses I use in my shoots are the , and my .

    Over time, we’ve come to review nearly every single Fujifilm lens that there is unless it was considered to be too much of a kit lens. And today, we present you with our comprehensive guide to Fujifilm’s lens offerings in the X series mount.